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The North Country Herbalist Guild Practitioner Support Group

A forum for exchange of ideas and sharing resources.  Recommended for any practicing herbalist at any level.  

Meets quarterly.

Each session will have a topic or theme, and will be moderated by Guild board member who is an actively practicing herbalist.

First meeting is free for everyone.  Following meetings will be $5 per participant, but will be free for current members of the guild.

This quarter's topic will be: What plant/remedy is showing up the most in your practice or your life right now?

When: Thursday, Jan. 21, 7-8:30 pm

Here is the LINK to join the meeting.

Birth Chart and Bach Flowers Workshop with Loey Colebeck

During this live, online class, we will look at participant's personal birth chart data, dive into the connection of Bach Flowers to bring your mind, body and spirit into alignment.
Learn more HERE.

Alchemical Flower Essence Series with Kimberly Hart

Given the potent atmosphere in which we currently live, Flower Essence remedies are even more important and helpful for reducing and releasing everyday experiences of worry, grief, sorrow, fear, anxiety...to name a few. They can be an important part of our daily lives. The depth and power of flower essences help bring forth deeper inner peace, resilience, and even joy!
Learn more HERE.

The Midwest Women's Herbal

Wellness Series: In Our Own Hands: Women's Wellness Series

When: Starting in February 2021

Here is the LINK to register for the series and get more information.

The Midwest Women's Herbal's 

will be hosting a virtual workshop in celebration of its 10 year anniversary. 

Workshop: Therapeutic Issues in Women's Health Case Studies

Instructor: Isla Burgess M, Sc. Dip HM.

When: Jan. 26, Jan. 28, Feb. 23 and Feb. 25

Here is the LINK to register for the workshop and get more information.

Online Learning with Lise Wolff 
Winter Health Using Preventative Folk Medicine

Click here to follow this affiliate link for more information and to register.  This class is hosted on Matt Wood's Institute of Herbalism Website. 

[Lise will be teaching classes online only until we get the all clear to meet in larger groups without fear of giving each other the plague]

Around the world, for thousands of years before Echinacea was used ad nauseum, many easily available herbs, foods and lifestyle habits encouraged people to stay robust and strong throughout the winter months. Did you know that ejecting phlegm out of your orifices is actually a healthy immune response?  Come ready to have your assumptions about weak and strong immune systems turned upside down!  This class will cover many of the easily available folk remedies, foods and herbs to keep you healthy throughout winter. The world (and likely your current kitchen) is already filled with simple but powerful helpers.

2 hr class for $25

Online Learning with Lise Wolff
Meet Famous Plants Everywhere You Walk

Free Preview: Click here to follow this affiliate link for a free preview of the plant series, which is hosted on Matt Wood's Institute of Herbalism Website.

Lise will be teaching classes online only until we get the all clear to meet in larger groups without fear of giving each other the plague. The plant walk series will be recorded regularly from Very Early Spring to Late Fall, some in late winter and back into the spring again, until she feels the plant walks are complete. They are being professionally recorded for an eventual online version of her year-long course, Three Seasons of Herbal Wisdom. Here is an explanation of when the live version will likely resume, and why, if you can, it is best to take the live version. The complete 3 Seasons course material is being recorded for people who do not live particularly close to Minneapolis, Minnesota (or who just can't wait).

The plant walks are stand alone lessons. They should, over time, help you to recognize and eventually understand some uses of the plants we see, both by signature and qualities discussed within the videos, that become more apparent as the plants develop and grow into themselves. We're working out the kinks in the first few walks, so please be patient. Audio gets better with time (note to self; do not wear a cowl neck with a microphone attached) and we realize how best for you to see the plants properly. Make sure to watch the walks on as large a screen as possible. It really helps to see the details of the plants for identification purposes.

Lise did not grow up learning or even paying attention to plants. Her first few plant walks in New York City completely changed the way she looked at the world. Turns out everywhere we walk; the cracks in the sidewalk, the boulevards, the grassy fields, and the wooded areas are all filled with food and medicine. She hopes plant walks change the way you see your world, too. She made sure some of the free previews would alert you to very common plants likely living close to you.

Prices: Limited offer: $22.00 monthly for the series. Cancel any time.
>> For more information & more classes visit: Herbalist Lise Wolff

The Flower Essence Certificate Course with Loey Colebeck

The Flower Essence Certificate Course is now fully online and begins its 4th year this coming September. I am now providing a sliding scale tuition format.
Here is the information: mindisbodytherapies.com/p/classes.html

Covid-related flower essence formulas with Loey Colebeck

I have a little donation-based class about covid-related flower essence formulas. It is a 2-hour video recording that can be downloaded.
Here is some more information about the formulas and the class: https://www.mindisbodytherapies.com/p/covid-related-formulas.html

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