Spring Edibles of Minnesota with Jessie Belden
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bruce Bacon of Garden Farme has been a great friend and supporter of the herbal guild for many years. He is looking for a student or practitioner [or couple] with flexible living circumstances for mid-winter help at Garden Farme. "My housemate moved to town unexpectedly, my cousin was called to his family house in Idaho, and the resident intern moved back home. I am here solo w 2 sweet dogs, 2 scaredy cats and mostly wood stove.
I am hopeful someone will consider the possibility of temporary residence during Feb, March for household support and caretaking. I have a few medical appointments coming up, and legal appointments, and several evening meetings. No rent, 30 miles to downtown, bus and commuter rail lines to Anoka.
Clean guest room upstairs, indoor plumbing, Quiet, no tv, wi-fi, bird feeder, Pileated Woodpecker visits yard."
Check out Garden Farme on FaceBook to see many pictures.
Call Bruce Bacon for more information.
land line ph 763-753-5099; cell 763-438-1001
Bruce Bacon, bbacon@mtn.org
Best wishes, Peace and Love


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Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices: Discovery of a Multi-Directional Energetic Exchange System
Marie Long, MAED, MA

Both herbal medicine and intention have been studied separately in their own distinct fields. To date, there is no systematic documentation regarding the pairing of herbal medicine and intention and how they work together in practice.
Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices article here (PDF)



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