Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 7, 2017
The Earthwise Herbal Repertory with Matthew Wood


Welcome to Herbalists without Borders, Twin Cities Chapter. Thank you kindly for your support and volunteer interest.

First off, I would like for you to take some time and view the Herbalists Without Borders website (herbalistswithout
to have a feel for what the chapters are doing throughout the world.

For the Twin Cities Chapter, we are in the beginning stages of forming what we want this chapter to look like and work towards. Education, clinical accessibility with affordability, and being prepared in the case of any regional natural or social disasters, are all parts of the mission here.

The next meeting will be:

Monday, May 22 @ 6:00
Where: 400 Cedar Lake Road South in Minneapolis, At the Community Gathering Space in Bryn Mawr

Wishing everyone a wonderful warming of the season. How fantastic it feels to be welcoming back all of our dear plant allies. What joy the spring harvest brings! With Spring time officially underway, let's start blossoming with the flowers into the summer!

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NCHG Bitters Recipes (PDFs):
+ Bitter Pasilles recipe (PDF)
+ Rose Pastilles recipe
+ Chamomile Bitters
+ Orange Peel Bitters
+ jim mcdonald's Bitters
+ NCHG Bitters Presentation (DF)


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Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices: Discovery of a Multi-Directional Energetic Exchange System
Marie Long, MAED, MA

Both herbal medicine and intention have been studied separately in their own distinct fields. To date, there is no systematic documentation regarding the pairing of herbal medicine and intention and how they work together in practice.
Intention Paired with Midwestern Herbal Practices article here (PDF)



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